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Murder in the City (The Avett Brothers Cover) by Owen Stephen

21st October 2018

Walk Out by Otis Simpson

12th September 2018

In This Light by Jasmin Donovan

1st September 2018

FourFiveSeconds (Cover) by Midnight Drives

27th August 2018

AfterGlow by The Ben Drake Collective

7th July 2018

Don’t Look Back In Anger (Oasis Cover) by Moonlight Blue

18th June 2018

Wedding Dress by Roxy Searle

21st May 2018

Kelly Under Fire by St. Clair

17th May 2018

By My Side by Stone Thieves

28th April 2018

Youth is Wasted on the Young by The Ben Drake Collective

6th April 2018

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5 (Cover) by Moonlight Blue

25th February 2018

Nothing Compares 2 U (Cover) by Otis Simpson

3rd February 2018

Bridge Over Troubled Water (Cover) by The London Connection

6th January 2018

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered (Cover) by The London Connection

29th December 2017

My Heaven’s Not Inside by Jasmin Donovan

1st December 2017

Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers Band Cover) by Stone Thieves

22nd October 2017

Dulcet Tones – Loaded Gun (Official Video)

14th October 2017

I Sit Awake and I Wonder by The Ben Drake Collective

17th September 2017

I Ain’t Leavin’ Without Your Love (Nashville Cover) by After You

5th September 2017

The Simpsons & Family Guy Theme (Cover) – The London Connection

3rd September 2017

The Only You’ve Ever Known – Connor Wells

29th August 2017

Thanks to You by Natalie Gray

4th August 2017

Looking Back On Today (Cover) by Tim Brooks & Charlotte Hinshelwood

28th July 2017

Home – Diana Ross (From the Wiz Cover) by The London Connection

26th July 2017

New York, New York (Cover) by The London Connection

26th July 2017

Blow My Blues Away by Stone Thieves

24th July 2017

I Will Fall (Nashville Cover) by After You

1st June 2017

Attachment by Shaun Clark

26th May 2017

The Ultimate Party Medley by Midnight Drives

19th May 2017

Slide Away – Oasis (Cover) by The Ben Drake Collective

12th May 2017

Soldiers by Connor Wells

22nd April 2017

The Road by Shaun Clark

17th April 2017

Try by After You

25th March 2017

Suddenly by Tim Brooks (Official Video)

5th March 2017

Still Alive by The Ben Drake Collective

3rd March 2017

Nightlife by Connor Wells

6th February 2017

Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Show (Cover) by Shaun Clark

29th January 2017

Castle on the Hill – Ed Sheeran (Cover) by After You

23rd January 2017

Dancing On My Own – Calum Scott / Robyn (Cover) by Aidan Martin

19th January 2017

Sundown – Charlie Simpson (Cover) by Connor Wells

7th January 2017

Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens (Cover) by After You

17th December 2016

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey (Cover) by Natalie Gray

9th December 2016

All of Me – John Legend (Cover) by WeAreTrackless

2nd December 2016

Tell All The Angels by After You

25th November 2016

The Ballad of Tim Peake by Tim Brooks

18th November 2016

Meet Sarah Eberle – Award-Winning Garden Designer

10th November 2016

Cotton-Eyed Joe – Rednex (Cover) by Shaun Clark

10th November 2016

Sign of the Times – Connor Wells

29th October 2016

Chocolate – The 1975 (Cover) by Natalie Gray

24th October 2016

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran (A Cappella Cover) by WeAreTrackless

18th October 2016

Suddenly by Tim Brooks

9th October 2016

Stitches – Shawn Mendes (A Cappella Cover) by WeAreTrackless

1st October 2016

Aside – The Weakerthans (Cover) by Tim Brooks

29th September 2016

Desire – Years & Years (A Cappella Cover) by WeAreTrackless

21st September 2016

Ok I Believe You / Seventy Times Seven – Brand New (Cover) by Tim Brooks

13th September 2016

St. Patrick – PVRIS (Cover) by Jasmin Donovan

23rd August 2016

Take My Hand by Jasmin Donovan

16th August 2016

Static by Jasmin Donovan

6th August 2016

It Ain’t Heaven by Steve Morano

17th July 2016

Aureli by Alex James Ellison

1st July 2016

Brick Lane by Steve Morano

17th June 2016

Say Something / Give Me Love (Mashup Cover) by Alex James Ellison

10th June 2016

That’s Entertainment – The Jam (Cover) by Steve Morano

2nd June 2016

Love The Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rihanna (Cover) – Alex James Ellison & Abi

27th May 2016

Romford Rose

27th May 2016

Let It Go – James Bay (Cover) by Alex James Ellison & Hiba Elchikhe

18th May 2016

Alexander Hamilton (Cover) – Alex James Ellison

11th May 2016

Aidan Martin – Sessions at the Penthouse

26th January 2016

Aidan Martin and Anelisa – Naughty Boy / Beyoncé – Runnin’ (Lose It All) – Cover

26th December 2015

Jason & Gemma Wedding

7th October 2015

Welcome To The Show – Little Secrets Preview

24th September 2015

The Verbals – Radio

28th April 2015

Simon Chivers – Chest & Tricep Workout

25th March 2015

The Quotes – Evermore

20th March 2015

The Quotes – Soho Miracle

11th March 2015

Little Secrets – Natalie Amanda Gray (Acoustic)

10th December 2014

Fairytale of New York – Alex James Ellison and Natalie Gray

1st December 2014

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift – Natalie Gray (Acoustic)

30th November 2014

Alex James Ellison – Duvet Days EP Launch

30th November 2014

Rude / No Woman No Cry – Alex James Ellison

24th November 2014

The Verbals – Infidels

6th October 2014

Modern Sensual Salsa

10th June 2014

The Viking Cruises Norse Garden – Chelsea Flower Show 2014

28th May 2014

Happy – Pharrell Williams (Natalie Gray Cover)

16th May 2014

We Never Learned To Live – Marionettes

2nd April 2014

Alex James Ellison – Same Old Things

28th March 2014

The World of Finse with Suzy-Jane Tanner

26th March 2014

Alex James Ellison – Same Old Things

2nd March 2014

Mistletoe – Justin Bieber – Natalie Gray & Alex James Ellison

10th December 2013

Quota Sampling

17th November 2013

Random Sampling

17th November 2013

The Lifecycle of Market Research

17th November 2013

How to Create A Weight

2nd November 2013

Natalie Gray – River Sessions

17th October 2013

I, The Lion – Illuminate The Sky

17th December 2012

Chapter Hotels – Montpelier Chapter

4th December 2012

39 Years

3rd September 2012


13th March 2012


7th March 2012

Simon Payne – Bittersweet

2nd March 2012

Run To Me – Too Late To Pretend

25th February 2012

Football Freestyle Double Act | F2 Freestylers

6th February 2012

Charles Fish ‘Jazz & Jewels’

24th January 2012

Oxford Summer School for Adults

21st December 2011

Predator Machines – Blade Stump Grinder

5th December 2011

Q Associates – Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

1st December 2011


1st November 2011

Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia

31st October 2011

Treading Water

14th May 2011

Connah – Day In The Life of Neuroblastoma

2nd March 2010

All I’ve Lost

3rd January 2010

Dead Weight

2nd January 2010